plastic mold

  • Plastic Mold

    Plastic Mold

    Plastic injection moulding is a process of melting plastic pellets and injecting it into a mould or cavity to form a shape. Once the shape is formed, the material is cooled, ejected from the machine and – voilà – a finished, functional, esthetically pleasing injection moulded product or part is ready

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  • Plastic Injection Parts

    Plastic Injection Parts

    Plastic Injection Mold Mould Making China Manufacturer Plastic Mould Brand SMI Product origin China Delivery time 2weeks Supply capacity 50000pcs/month The advantage of plastic mold making: 1. Repeatability: the mold can be produced by one Million 2. Accuracy: tight tolerance consistently 3. Functionality: can have complex shapes that cannot achieved by other materials and process 4. Surface finish: a wide spectrum of surface finishes can be achieved

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